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Aderohunmu Abdulrokeeb: Something Is Always Burning


after mesioye johnson

“if the only answer to suffering is to
begin again, let a simple man coin a new word”
–Mihee Kim

& then, I patterned the lyrics in my mouth,
until I live in the prism of similar expectations

The road that led me here is hazy, the wheels in my chest: wrecked tyres, treading gloomy path.

A mixture of flowers and thorns sprouting through the chapter of each day: an ebbed tide divulging the shells of the sea.

A row of silence collapse into my world, a hush of

running thoughts stress beneath me,

tender trees lost their arms to the axe of the wind. I keep stuffing my mouth with lyrics of boys, who cup their body into hope.

These lyrics: pour my emotions into puddle of reminiscence, a swing of emotions.

The things i want, are simpler than the British alphabet.
say, the compartment of this body is an asylum of what I do not want,

if you open them, you will see branches of pain heading through different directions.
And I, dinted with groove, scraping joy into hot bars.

I’m burning — a snake writhing in the room of dancing fires. Every morning I sing beautiful nubia’s ‘sing for me’,
as I trudge the path to survival and I see into the gloom wrecking the plinth of my joy.

Yesternight, I wanted to scour the base of my inner room,
to obstruct the cusp of movement, scraping the skin of my emotions.

This morning I wanted to imprint a laughter into my fallen cities.
Poem: Aderohunmu Abdulrokeeb
Image: D.Tran/D.Grayson/Pxabay remixed


Aderohunmu Abdulrokeeb
Aderohunmu Abdulrokeeb
Aderohunmu Abdulrokeeb is an undergraduate at the university of Ibadan. He's working towards being the best of himself. He loves the presence of little children and hopes to become a philanthropist in the nearest future. His works have been published in Kalahari review, kalonopia magazine, commune writers, voice lux journal, Roi Faineant and elsewhere. He tweets @Abonnylad

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