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Yet It Tears My Heart: Poems by Agnes Aineah

Yet It Tears My Heart

Stars shine day and night on
T’is my little belief and I sigh it off
But there’s only little pleasure
Destined in skies dark as the devil’s den
Dusks of rallying rogues at leisure
When good men are passed out
They dot scary moonless nights
Lovers turn to their single candle
And shutting out poor stars, cuddle
Destiny sealed perhaps
Yet it tears my heart one thing
That love too must have seasons!

Tom McGrath Pa

Tom McGrath Pa I recall being ten
When new at our parish, we were first acquaint
I go through the tenderness when you squeezed my little chin
When you called me your star and rubbed my nervous cheek.

Tom McGrath Pa and other evangelists at par
Those who thirsty Africa treaded, and left all behind quenched
As the countless stars in heaven, are the many souls you filled
And you kept many in school and instructed us in faith.

Tom McGrath Pa, it was my soul you set on sweet plight
When staring at the sky, it was I you saw shine bright
I pray heavens top your toil, and you to bless my days
Between us wind conveys your bidding, and faith puts me at grace.


Jack and I

That my Jack may one day cheat on me
T’is nothing out of the blues to me
So versed is the eager cloud
That hangs on Jack and I
It makes two, both armed
And zealous for this game

If one day with these his deeds
He may scatter in me comatose seeds
A never ending step will not be mine
They say it is in me
That warped sprouts uncurl
His mischief I’ll repay with a beam
And agile fruits of my womb

And so I give my willing heart
And a conscience never to hurt
There always is a robust muscle
It never abandons vain passions.

Poems: Agnes Aineah
Image: Keoni Cabral via Flickr

Agnes Aineah
Agnes Aineah
Agnes Aineah is a journalist and poetess. She graduated from Moi University in Kenya.


  1. Thank you, Agnes, for your beautiful poems. I feel honoured to know that during my time ministering to your people in Bunyore I was a source of inspiration to you….Praise God. May you be truly blest and successful in inspiring your readers with lofty thoughts.

  2. Thanks father for your kind thoughts on my poems. in the one titled ‘Tom McGrath Pa’, I recalled the day well and tried as much as possible to be the little girl I was.

  3. Agness Ainea you are a great poet.What a wonderful poem you made for our beloved father Thomas McGrath. Am indeed impressed. Keep it up.

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