The Chef D’oeuvre of Easter: Poems by Collins Okpala

Image: Pixabay.com
Image: Pixabay.com
Image: Pixabay.com


The pearl gates of heaven open with heaviness,
A legion angels shuttle between wounded skies
Clamant echoes dissolve into silence,
The caucus of light sheds on victory

The government of hell is overthrown,
Death Merchants are bankrupt of honour
The cross is stripped of shame,
Salvation limps on the shoulders of hope

Easter vaunts of a resurrection,
A vague newness manifests before our eyes
Jesus is lifted on the MERCYSEAT,
We reign with him as kings

History is welded in souls of men,
Hearts flutter with mirth
We forestall the demise of a beginning,
Easter fosters creation into solemn beginnings
Triumphant mysteries woven in tapestry of meaning


Nothing is as sure as death,
Its haunting threat hunts man forever from Earth
What are we then but sojourners from Birth,
The world is a stage,
Uncertainty is Set…
Poems: (c) Collins Okpala
Image: Pixabay.com

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