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Song: Two Poems by Ogana D. Okpah

Image (c) Marfis75 via Flickr
Image (c) Marfis75 via Flickr


I heard the call of the river nun;

And I heard you call river bird.

I dress back my bones where they’re broken

And add it up with the broken piece

Broken bones shall rise again?


So they said, the sun has set forth

The new moon is out in the plains

But, broken bones can’t be made whole

It was written in the beginning

The lizard’s already climbing walls


The wuss continues in a woop

And a tide washing away the riparian sands.

The canal drop of burger bolts

Cutting her thickets in every courtyard

In a Harlem night, we sense the cobs of plodders.


Naked gods hanging day.

The last ship sailing Pakistanian seas

Free floating dark waters of the world

We jump in a nocturnal flight

Hanging wings remotely.



I heard your voice

And i heard you call

I heard you singing another song

Stained in rust coat


Rome isn’t built in a day

Who calls Hitler, Na’aman,

And Usna’s children, sons of God

The stubborn goat, equally ram the places


Washed to stainless memories.

The pure water sack reads change

But, the water taste same

Rivers must flow,


And pull away dark waters

Back to the early ends

Here, it bring back tides

Only the bees have their flowers


The cassava suffers a mosaic

It blights to the centrepiece.

I am a still pond without a fish

My hair blonde in mystic air


Your call is rich in rhyme

It continues like a riff

Following beats after beats

Like rap songs in motion.


The wind tucked in

Shirtsleeve through windows

Iron doors closing in on us

We are locked from the outside all night long.


Poems © Ogana D. Okpah

Image (c) Marfis75 via Flickr

Ogana D. Okpah
Ogana D. Okpah
Ogana D. Okpah is studying plant science and biotechnology at Nasarawa State University, Nigeria. He has been published in The New Black Magazine.

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