Paint my Love: A Poem by Ekpe Nkechinyere Anthonia

Paint me
Image: Pixabay.com remixed


Paint the loyalty in my eyes as my hair dangles on my bare shoulders
Paint my burning desires the colour of my lips as red as the roses
Paint my ageless beauty with a Mona Lisa smile
Paint a cubist portrait of our love through my eternal beauty
Paint my heart fastened to your soul like the crimp to a ferrule
He is not Picasso but his work makes me feel like a dancer in a calypso
With just your brushes and your canvas I come to life
The smell of turpentine and the stench of burnt sienna awaken my senses
To the fire in your eyes as the sables stroke the canvas
Play me a note as high as the pitch of our love as you paint its sky in French ultramarine
Paint me my love, paint me
I don’t want to be anywhere else but your canvas
Poem © Ekpe Nkechinyere Anthonia
Image: Pixabay.com remixed

About the author

Ekpe Nkechinyere Anthonia

Ekpe Nkechinyere Anthonia is a graduate of Biomedical Technology with an insatiable passion for writing. I am influenced by past experiences and movies like Finding Forester and Poetic Justice. My favourite writers are Jeffrey Archer, Frederick Forsyth, John Grisham, Buchi Emecheta, Chinyere M. Ugokwe, Maya Angelou and Robert Ludlum. I am currently working on my poetry collection and first work of fiction.

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