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Ojo Olumide Emmanuel: From A Mound of Earth…


[winter coats the soil with lushes
++++++ & water breathes life;
++++++ grasses stretch themselves on the field
& dandelions flashed sunlight from a distance;
hands have been interceding for the soil-
long before leather gloves
offered antibodies.
++++++ in mess has purity found a robe
++++++++++++for what tales shall purity tell without mud?
does absence not make a parable with presence
++++++++++++/that the weight of a thing/ is vindicated by the vitality-
of the thing or person bearing it/ &
++++++ that every science & art of hygiene
doff their hats to filth; the search for dirt is endless.
++++++++++++++++++that, as beautiful as salvation is-
it is a debt servicing cheque for filth.
++++++++++++++++++filthy fingers feed the mouth gold
& a mound round the apple tree
++++++++++++++++++feeds the heart merry at harvest]



choice is such a gift that can be
likened to a double-barrelled gun.

you get your shot right and the game
savours your tongue.

you get it wrong & you shrink under the
weight of an avoidable burden.

ever wondered why a part of the world is a
charm conjuring the spirit of many to itself?

ever wondered why another part drives
her own out like a garbage truck?

it is about who heads them, it is about who
eyes and legs on their behalf.

choosing these heads, eyes & legs isn’t a
sign too encrypted not to be discerned.

it is discerning the hearts of those whose hearts
circulate the blood of a lion and a lamb.

it is verifying if their demeanour embraces all &
if their shoulder is broad enough for all.

these heads, eyes & legs are not short in supply
they are vast crops all around.

it is the loss of excellent values that made them
scarce & made pigs appealing to our ballot boxes.

we shall get our land right when we get our
heads, eyes & legs right.

for now, our plunge into confusion is only a
quarter to a coma.

be well peasants…

Poems © Ojo Olumide Emmanuel
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Ojo Olumide Emmanuel
Ojo Olumide Emmanuel
Ojo Olumide Emmanuel is a Nigerian Poet and Book Editor. He is the Author of the Poetry Chapbook Supplication for Years in Sands (Polarsphere Books, 2021). His works have appeared and forthcoming at Lastleavesmag, Olney, Feral, Quills, Poemify, Melbourne-Culture, Afro Anthology, TNR and elsewhere. He currently curates the monthly Wakasoprize for Poetry and Abubakar Gimba Prize for Short Fiction. He is a fellow of SprinNG Writers Fellowship. Beep him on Twitter @OjoOlumideEmma2

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