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I left the bush with no trees / scattered the few it had left me out to sea
I did not burn my branches / I hid them from the fire / welcomed rain / my body afloat
/ torch alight / I made my way to the hut / to see what burns in this neck of the woods
what we knock down / what we sacrifice / a map home


don’t shave all of my hair /
leave the back & sides

I’m going back
calendar & bones
               / strip

my figurine /

this battle the lawn knows
has no place love shows
returning home



Of old men
stale blood
in my lungs /

breathe dreams
in my dry mouth /
a year of no clams
just lies / I breathe

catch the fly in my throat
tell my children
kill the pledge

the heart stops
when life beats

lies & dreams
tell the story of

nightmares & babies wail
without mothers & breastmilk

& a mouth of love is what
we have to leave our children



My mother breathes into hair
patterns I know
we’ve been here before
the journey is long

she calls water to read our palms
from towns we inhale fog
kind to our soil& fingers
fortunate— of dew

excitement wells
fifty towns & climbing
our journey is long/
fog my mother turns into hair

Poetry © Adura Ojo
Image by Numbercfoto on Pixabay

Written by
Adura Ojo

Adura Ojo is the author of Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs, published 2014, second edition 2017. A British-Nigerian poet and writer, Adura’s poems are featured online and in print publications including: Acumen, Dryland, Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, The New York Times, The Poetic Pinup Revue, and The Wait Anthology. Her poem, ‘Four Corners’ was highly commended in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition, July 2011. Another poem, ‘When He Comes’ was featured in a poetry competition in the New York Times in January 2017. A Pushcart prize nominee for her poem ‘Witch,’ Adura delights in letting her poems ‘misbehave.' She likes to think that poems have their own minds.

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Written by Adura Ojo


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