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Never Leave Me: A Sci-fi Excerpt by Dayo Adefila

The miracle was being performed right there on the large chrome coloured oval dais the patient lay on. The patient and the dais he lay on were bathed in a concentrated spray of what looked like ultraviolet rays used to enhance the body’s ability to prevent the mind-brain link from circumventing the Miracle.

The Miracle; that was what it had been hailed in the weeks before today and as surely as they watched in the next room over the 3D sensory link, a miracle was what it was.

While the miracle was being wrought, the dais revolved in a gentle slanting motion, swivelling first downward to the left and then upward and to the right and then the process re-started again.

By the time it had completed 50 such revolutions, the heart had completely healed up and only a few hairline fissures could be seen on the chest of the 60 year old billionaire lying down while he made planetary history.

Beamed to over 4 Billion Receiving Devices, the success of the Miracle operation assured the patient his place in the annals of history as the first public proof – that finally, the human body could be made to regenerate itself fast enough to survive even the most delicate diseased or injured condition. Indeed, mankind had at last found immortality.


Jack Bergman, lead bio-gene crime investigator for The Discovery Labs, a small but effective crime investigation firm in the niche area – bio-genetics crime, had just watched via a 3D Sensory link, a ground breaking operation take place in the room next to his. He had watched 60 year old Ross Silverman literally rise from the dead after his heart, torn open by a gun shot had literally repaired itself thanks to Never Leave Me, the wonder medicine created by Healing Properties Incorporated.

Jack knew he would never have gained admission to such a historic event if not for the professional clout of his genius fiancée, Chloe Anderson who being a 2-time Nobel award laureate for breakthroughs in genetics was allowed to bring him along.

The awards people would, however, need to create some kind of Saviour of the Planet award for Dr. McDougal, inventor of Never Leave Me, the miracle drug.

Jack got up from his customized eco-seat which instantly re-formed itself from the reclining position he had left it to its normal straight back pose. He walked over to where Chloe stood talking animatedly with the inventor of the drug, Dr. McDougal himself.

He paused, while a service girl passed with her tray laded with what looked like genuine natural champagne and some of this 22nd Century artificial stuff that was the rave these days. Good for them he thought, stopping the next service girl and retrieving 2 glasses of champagne as he continued towards Chloe and Dr. McDougal, after all, it was a day to celebrate.


Also watching the miraculous heart operation, thousands of kilometres away in Sydney Australia, was Professor Emeritus, Dan Hopewell, recently the Chief Technologist for Healing Properties Incorporated. He was sad. Bitter and felt used.

He had just made a discovery that would likely put his employers out of business and keep the miracle drug, Never Leave Me, out of the hands of millions of hopeful people who probably deserved a cure…but not after what he had discovered. No! He would have to put a stop to it by reaching that Bio-gene Crime Investigator chap he met in London at a genetic decoders conference a few years ago. He knew he had to be discrete because he knew his boss, Dr McDougal had ears everywhere and he did not want that his eunuch like, ex-CIA, ex-everything bodyguard, Koje, anywhere near him if his actions were discovered. After all, he had earned a good pension for his work.

An excerpt NEVER LEAVE ME – a sci-fi story by Dayo Adefila (c)

Dayo Adefila
Dayo Adefila
It is true that Dayo Adefila has always loved reading indiscriminately almost all his life. Perhaps that's why he can be found disgorging poems at the world every once in 6 months or writing slightly off-centre but humanist sci-fi stories once every year or so. Dayo has had a few poems and stories published "here and there" and is really happy being amongst distinguished company here at He is a tech entrepreneur and Co-Founder/COO at HotSauce - the leading Marketing and Technology firm in Nigeria. He is also a former Copywriter, former Brand Specialist and former Head of the Account Planning department at Insight Communications Lagos - making you wonder at his holding a 1997 Bsc. Political Science degree (UNILAG). He is a member of the National Institute of Marketing Nigeria.


  1. Very, very good! My first African sci-fi writer. I’m a Treki (Star Trek) fan, and have been one for 40 years, so I believe I know a good ‘sci-fi’ write-up when I see one. This excerpt proves to me that ‘Never Leave Me’ is a good book. I wish Dr. McDougal could invent his miracle drug NOW, I know many people who could use it in this century! A tintilizing twelve paragraphs!

  2. Noooooo… Don’t stop now. I was just about to make myself a cup of tea and settle in.
    I guess this is what I call a “teaser”.
    Well paced, beautifully structured. I like the “syfy channel” but this is nicer as I can imagine myself. It’s very nice as it appeals to even non sci fi lovers from what I read so far.
    I would never in a thousand decades have guessed the writer was African if I didn’t know beforehand.
    Kudos to sci-fi in Africa. Anyone who knows the writer Dayo Adefila, please tell him that I will be e-stalking him till he delivers.

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