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Ekwe, the Wooden Internet: Poems by Emeka “Akaraka” Ogaraku

Ekwe (The Wooden Internet)

His voice is deep, big and hard
His wordings are coded choice massages willingly heard
His lawful massages  and carrying heavy weight
He is the spokesman of a creed and a people
Only the tribe understands him
The spying enemies encipher him
He is the lion roaring over the vast desert
Listen you Ezes and Sages
Hear you Odibos and the Ofeges
Perceive you palm-wine tappers and drinkers
The drum speaks the same choice words
Of unity and peaceful arrangements.
He sings better than the nightingale
Roars deeper than Lion the forest king
Higher, calling down the sparrows
And harder than the elephant’s horn
Ekwe is the voice of the truth
The voice we can and we do trust.

Diamond Fish 1

She swims through the river
In the dark winter light
Igniting the waves with glittering blisters
Illuminating the rebellious night
And its majestic secrets and magic mights
Equipped with power and pride
And super-hyperbolic prominence
Overwhelmed by the ignorance of her arrogance
With such a wide and wild stride
Her glories come always from outside
Where she is admired and adored
Empty, lonely and starved within
With flamboyance she swallows her pride
How long oh beauty how long
Shall you dwell from outside?
How far will you hide your emptiness?
Behind flaunty and uncertain glamour

Diamond Fish “2” (Material girl)

What counts is only money and wealth
Morality and fairness she won’t know
She takes in all that is forbidden and white as snow
Her vanity knows no bound
Filled with frivolities and empty excesses
Beautiful, intelligent and rich
Never had the taste of pain of poverty
She violates every norm and uses friends as pawns
She remains silent before the truth
Unwilling to take any responsibility
She is sneaky, sticky, slimy, a subtle serpent
Feels herself as evil genius, prides her filthy ingenuity
She is unbearable, full of irritation and vulgar
Stealthy in search of a stooge, a fall guy
Oh diamond fish Oh material girl
How long would you live out of yourself?

Eternal Harmony

And the red sand danced sensually
To the caressing tunes of the breeze fairly
Exposing its charm to the sunrays
To the gaping urge of a common man
Whose lust stretches beyond love?
The ripples of a green cactus
Displays its secrets to bright eyes of the night
Sapping water from the dried air
Tortoise drinking from morning dew
While pelicans sing the morning grace
There is a sense of harmony
Or sympathy for symphony
The moon reflects the night’s beauty
Of eternal peace before history


(C) Ogaraku Emeka (Akaraka)

Emeka Ogaraku (Akaraka)
Emeka Ogaraku (Akaraka)
Emeka "Akaraka" Ogaraku is a Pastor based in Germany.


  1. very good poems, my favourate is diamond fish 2, its so vivid and so real. it does reflects some real life issues, touching and amazing in its on way. above all they all very good and carry or convey a valuable message, well done brother Emeka

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