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I Dreamt: Poetry by Ahmed Hussain

Image: gr8effect via
Image: gr8effect via


I dreamt of a land full of blood
Of tourists
Climbing up a slippery cliff
I saw a man, standing on top
Of Kilimanjaro,
Staring at the moist broadleaves
That surround
Mount Stanley and Karisimbi

I dreamt of a man, moulded
From the clay,
Soaked in blood of potters

I saw the man in white coat
Slicing patients
With empathy, laced with delight
As Jesus to bread during Last Supper
I dreamt of men crowded
Around a messiah who
Sells aphrodisiacs in vanilla flavour
I saw their wives tucking
Sharp blades
Beside their bedpost,
Women drunken on sour love potions

I dreamt of the man in white coat
Stitching up women
With broken hearts under a fluttering lantern
I saw children roaming
With decaying umbilical cords
Children with no memory of life
Outside a camp

I saw men with mushroom beards
To the drums of foreign gods
I dreamt of snow falling from the sky
Of Africa
I saw men huddled around fire
From their burning homes
Breathing in soot
As they watch the debris of their past
Hover in the air…

*Mount Stanley and Karisimbi are mountains located in Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Image: gr8effect via

Ahmed Hussain
Ahmed Hussain
Hussain Ahmed, a lover of books and a wielder of words, contributes from Nigeria.

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