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How love made us breakdance on water: Poetry by Micheal Ace

breakdance on water
Image: Pixabay.com

How love made us breakdance on water

There is something grody about books that have names for everything;
They are priced in god and gold even when they are just what their authors made them
& authors make only what they are made of- mistakes.

Like the way the dictionary defined love in a single language.
Yet, the love my parent shared isn’t the one that was between my girl and I,
Because I once told her we could leave everything behind:
Our families, shadows, siblings, worries and go where no one knows us.
She replied with a love smiley,
But I know behind the phone, someone called me stupid.

Where I came from, candle lights are portraits of genuine love.
The world merry while the fire burns, & then when breeze comes, everything sinks into dark holes.
Sometimes, upon realizing there are ghosts breeding in water
I go to the beach to make bodies of companions while I watch the sea kiss the shore.
Because I think she wants my money & she thinks I want her body
& along the line our hearts grow into same gender-

a man does not use a love reaction on another man’s status.

Yet, I stand for the revolution. I know what love can do;
Like how love made us walk in the valley of the shadow of death,
& all we feared was heartbreak;
How it broke us into morphemes of ideas that made the world think we are drunk;
How we came, after a lifetime, to a bridge of life & death & still we chose to sit for a French kiss;
How we turned on the stereo, played a pop song, set our feet on water and did some breakdance.


a girl as a portrait of flowers

she Rose to her feet,
with the novel, purple Hibiscus in her hands.
the Morning Glory was Pearly Everlasting.
her body, illuminated, like Snow in Summer.
the Sun Flower(ed) her pink dress in a way Cosmos would.
her Iris; a spectrum of colours- species of Lily-
if she was a bouquet, her heart would be Moonflower;
calming violent men into fragrance of Violets.
a Virgin, waiting for the right time to walk down the aisle,
while Blue-bells ring the world to merry.


Poems © Micheal Ace
Image: Pixabay.com

Micheal Ace
Micheal Ace
Micheal Ace is a Writer and Poet from Ibadan, Nigeria. He has authored two poetry chapbooks titled Sermon from a Stammerer and Scarlet Silk. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming on Praxis Magazine, Lunaris Review, Kalahari Review, WRR, Tuck Magazine, African Writer, Wildsound Review, Peregrine Reads, Parousa Magazine and more. A Computer Scientist with a great passion for Art and Literature, he is a curator of anthologies and contests, including Pun Poetry Contest, 2018, Growth Contest, 2018, Wakanda: Rewriting Africa, 2018, In my father’s house anthology, 2017, Healing Hands, 2016, and many more.


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