Freewill: Poems by Dela Bobobee


God’s love created mortal man at sea
and gave him only a fine dragnet
but he swam ashore without fins
God became angry and in his rage
carried him to the topmost mountain
again man descended without wings

man now climbs molehills alone
and takes Icarus plunges home
but sustains mortal wounds
in the neck and in the heart
as the sun slowly melts his  wings
made of seashells and  lion hackles

Man, I salute your crafty freewill
but you must also be careful of height
and dizzy flights near abysmal pits
lest you get lost in the labyrinths
or sucked through the hole you dug
in the ozone layer to shield the sun


The Choice I Made

There is a certain subtle gourd
created by man and by God
shattered on the rocks of life
splintered into little choices
we all have to make in life

if brain design determines what’s moral
you can change morality
by changing the brain
and once technology manipulates ethics
ethics can no longer judge technology

That’s why I chose the noble arts
the only truthful and sane lamp
to brighten the grim dark path
of the much touted science
from self destructive tendencies

the choice I made
shines never to fade


Time Traveller

I am the great time traveller
who oscillate through time at will
in my hands is the propeller
that rotates the ageless wheel

yesterday is my past
today is my present
which is moving fast
without your consent

tomorrow is my future
there is fluidity in diversity
agelessness with nature
thrives in the heart of humanity

there is order in the void you dread
and life in the great beyond you fear
I traverse mazes you all fear to tread
a time traveller’s invincibility is clear

I speak with a new prophetic voice
In my grasp is the key to infinity
In your own hands lie the choice
I have the secrets of sane humanity

I have seen snow covered Sahara
floods replaced by desert in Britain
dense jungle in their coastal Riviera
change is phenomenon only certain

your good evil days of revelry is boom
your avarices poison the air you breathe
your ruthlessness will seal your doom
your remorselessness speed your death

forsake your evil ways and seek
what is hidden from the wise
trample not the lowly and meek
cleanse greed from moral vice

Dela Bobobee©


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