Tell Sussy: Poems by Odukoya Adeniyi

tell sussy
Image: Prince Akachi via Unsplash (Modified)


Tell sussy,
that there is a boy
in a faraway island
swallowing every night with
grudges against his innocence
that lay on her glossy lips.
Tell sussy,
that there is a boy
with a heart melting into a myth,
because his eyes have lost a fierce
battle to a fairy beauty.
Tell sussy,
that there is a boy
sitting across the blue ocean,
pounding his head into a beautiful song
that would lure her waist into a salsa dance.
Tell sussy,
that there is a boy
begging the Earth to revolve backward,
so time would take him to where
he met you as a poem in human form.
Tell sussy,
that she is beautiful.



Mother’s skin.
With waters, and breath
breaking into a story,
my heart is thumping to and fro,

between two borders.
Shall I take the exit?
In the bathtub, my legs

are sinking into the waters coming
from my eyelids.
The sky is dark with Papa’s bark

at mama – the air is filled with
Mama’s silence. With a lasting breath
I taste Mama’s pain, with a skin

turning cold,
– I fold into a broken bird.
– I fold into a cracked mirror.

Poems © Odukoya Adeniyi
Image: Prince Akachi via Unsplash (Modified)

About the author

Odukoya Adeniyi

Odukoya Adeniyi is an undergraduate at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He is a lover of art and music.

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