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The Day: Poems by Adeola Ikuomola



The day has opened her door
For petals and sepals to prevail
Even when the fields wake up dull
For powers and purity they all travail

The day has sung her hymn
To bees’ and butterflies’ delight
Even when their refrain they hum
Sadness and sorrows seek serial flight

The day has paid light price
From the Eastern Central Bank
The brilliant sky her pointed prize
For nursing the world within her tank

The day has claimed her right
From the golden throne of grace
The eloquent rhymes poets to write
The lyrical tune of wisdom theirs to trace



Down the barn the dawn is born
Like an egg newly laid lonely it lays
Her rays pave the way for cold to wail
Like the floods harvesting the frozen frogs

Down the drum the dews drown
Like the wrecks in the ocean floor
Her ripples rend clouds in thousands
Like crickets flying from burning baskets

Down the drains the dates dance
Like the reeds roaring in the winds
Their hours caught upon distant towers
Like baby stars circumcised by superscars

Down the dunes the ducks debrief
Like old rays summoned by horizons
Their fate tucked in an amphibious faith
Like the heartaches of the seaborne cargoes

Down December the drums boom
Like thunder dancing in dark clouds
Their banquet bleached by the blinders
Like moonlight borne by the angelic stars



Let the clouds descend
On the grassy sandbags
Let their echoes ascend
Like thunderborn brags

Let dark clouds descend
On the dew-borne docks
Let their features depend
On the tunes of the cocks

Let sighted skies address
Their mail to higher seas
Let their features redress
For the bright eyes to see

Let weeping skies rejoice
At the seat of the rainbow
And let his coloured voice
Reign in the wet mainbow

Lions roar in their domains
And waves woo our shores
The patented truth remains
The medicine for our sores



A ghost came
Walking tall all night
It was sluggish and deadly
Like the venomous serpentine souls

An owl came
Casting spells on night
It was both wild and weird
Like the broken borders of the seas

A beast came
Weaving woes for night
It was the scariest of sights
Like nuclear weapon’s mushrooms

And I have come
Searching for the night
To embrace the darkdocked world
With the scarcest arms of moonlighters

Poems © Adeola Ikuomola

Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola is a Nigerian poet.

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