Love Poem: Poetry by Adeyele Adeniran

love poem

Image: Pixabay.com


i wish to write
a love poem
and say to the world
my word fruits fell
from this tree,
i wish to
photograph your back
and spend days in
a dark room admiring how
perfection is your outlook
my fingers are eager
to pluck at your chest hair
and rummage your beard
i want to invade your privacy
i want our love display
to resemble publicity
i want to learn the waves
of your laughter
like it is music
i imagine that our eyes will be
able to communicate as speech
and when we know our bodies
it shall be our high
everything soo sensual- soo lifting
show me your songs
lead me into your world
i’ll collect your philosophy and thoughts
into memory
and i’ll never forget every line that ages
your face
i will write poems like this
that will draw your soul to mine
in an eternal bond-
and when old age graces us
i’ll never stop saying to you-
you are my love poem.



So far so good,
You’re still here-
You haven’t moved
As you swore you would
Sitting around like
A log of wood.

Poems © Adeyele Adeniran
Image: Pixabay.com

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