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Compass: Poetry by Pazqal Eriq Umehea

Image: Greg Rakozy on Unsplash


Broken nests like the bridges to life’s creek,
Cracked egg shells, doorways to life’s peak.
I came wrapped in the insides of life’s depth.
I stepped out of mother’s womb and asked “what’s next?”

Birthed with a key to my heart,
And wishes on my tongue tips for it to open doors instead,
Ways to different paths.
I have a destination with love in my destiny.
Love is blind and to reach where I should be,
I need to see.

If life is a game, hand me not the controls,
I will fuck it up and break something.
I wasn’t built to live properly and follow a defined path.
Human is I and no, I deserve no clues.



I miss you, those days
When the dust kissed the hills of our feet from joyful dancing,
While the voices of laughter from our lungs filled the air
As a child, with you, as we walked bare.

I am caught up in a zone I want out of,
I’ve reached my last limit after the other lasts that I didn’t know existed.
This time and space has shown me things,
None of which I can unsee.

Do you hear me crying?
From the depths of my soul as the words took action in me.
This world has and will hurt me,
I stand and watch my own demise.

I want it back
The naivety that comes with the mind of a child,
And blinds you from the negativity that is humanity
Maybe then peace will exist in me.

You cannot drop sugar on the tongues of your demons to
make their wrath sweet.
I look my demons every day in the eyes
And realize that they are the people around me.



There’s a home in my soul,
A place with lavender colored walls and black tilted floors,
Where I walk bare in my essence as my flaws kiss my skin
The ambiance fills me, I am whole.

In my soul is a world I would want to live in,
Be my next guest, visit, bath, sleep on my bed, wake up and die.
May this change you till you finally come alive.
Perfection is a myth and truth is farfetched.

Evil is the brethren that rang the church bells and reach down your pocket
to leave you dry and fill you with nothingness.
You are human and little is your sense of judgment.
Blind with open eyes.

Be blessed and see my kin! You are king!
In my soul is a kingdom in which you rule.
I am your servant willingly waiting your instructions
We are only tools.

Poems © Pazqal Eriq Umehea
Image: Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Pazqal Eriq Umehea
Pazqal Eriq Umehea
Pazqal Eriq Umehea is a writer, fashion and art enthusiast and foodie. He hails from Delta state, Nigeria but was born and raised in Kaduna state. He is a graduate of St. Anne’s secondary school in arts.


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