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A Walk In The Sky: Poems by Fr. Remi Okere


You lighten me up
As I watch you
Dance with pride,
In the glittering hands
Of the young winter sun.
You carry me along
Across the waves,
Past the humming weeds
And through the sky,
To Him who lets you be.



Up the mountain edge
Comes the yellow sun,
Smiling as it crawls
The hill of descending winds.
Close by in the lawns and fields,
The aging grass and pining weeds
Dance in ecstasy
Amidst the freezing cold,
Cheering a lucid, volatile friend.



I trek in distress, the route to my roots
In search of my love, motherland most sweet
Where my spirit wanders in disguise
On the wings of my dreams.
Greeted by her tears
And the shadows of the weak,
My cry, a song and my strength become.
A gift to all that care to dance.



Village tunes born of sages
in amiable stanzas

carved on stones
rise from the hills

and fill the turbulent wind.
I can hear the noble words

pierce the age-long years,
warning our sinking age

to uphold the ancient
covenant of trust.



The poet is always in a trance.
His mind like the pendulum
swings even in his sleep.
Like the Eagle,
he prowls the sky.

Seeing ahead of his time!
Molding poems from dormant
letters that change the world.
He doesn’t quit,
until he is heard.



I took a walk in the sky,
deep in my dream,
the worries of life
chained in my bed.

Carried by the wind
and hugged by the clouds,
I soared like the Gull,
and glowed like the moon.

But looking down for a while,
I saw the burdens of the world
waiting for my return.
And I wept for my plight.



This life flies by like
the winter Crow,
humming odes of hardening times.

Tossing us around like
slum kids playing ball
in rugged fields.

For a while, I looked sober.
Who knows what this
life will yield?

Our Dad like others
before him has said
bye and gone home.

May he now rest in peace.
We hope to meet again
one day as we part.

For now, I must surf through
life with a big heart.
Like everything is normal.


Poems (c) Fr. Remi Okere C.S.Sp

Fr. Remi Okere C.S.SP
Fr. Remi Okere C.S.SP
Remi Okere is a Holy Ghost Father from Nigeria. He is serving in the Catholic diocese of Des Moines, IA. He has written several poems and articles. He is the author of Channel of Hope: Poems and Reflections.


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