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A Lifetime Under the African Sky: A Poem by Carol Basudde

A Lifetime Under the African Sky

Under an African sky

Walks a boy who grew into a man

And a girl who grew into a woman

Dark as the same sky at night.

They walked under the same sky, led opposite lives oblivious of one another

yet connected by the watchful eyes in the sky.

The sky worked its magic pulling them together.

They learned of each other

they danced in the moonlight

romanced under starlight

worked under daylight,

until one day they made love

on a bed of grass greener than green

covered by a blanket of the dark night sky.

The sky witnessed the union, was priest at the wedding

and sealed it with a blessing of rain.

It watched as they struggled to make a nest for themselves,

their babies were born under this sky,

grew up and became people in their own right.

While the two, they grew old and grey

they still walked and held hands when the moon was full

and they still did dance under the moonlight,

still looked at each other and saw what they first saw in each other

under the starlight.

Then one day they lay down

side by side never to leave each other’s side

looking up at their constant companion through this journey

laid to rest under the same African sky.


(c) Carol Basudde

Carol Basudde
Carol Basudde
Basudde, a Ugandan, lives in sweden


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