Waiting for Forever: A Poem by Danny Bagucci

Waiting for Forever

We had our hopes, we had our dreams,
We somehow believed, that words and guns,
That one more coup, that some more troops,
Would consign to the past, the pains we felt forever.

Somehow we believed in sugar coated tongues,
In “fellow country men” and khaki covered souls,
To wipe away the past, like a bad night’s dream forever.
Somehow hoping long, even against hope,

Somehow we expected the ever recurring “Joshuas”
To bring on us Utopia, like fresh breezes from the sea.
The more we wait, the more the pain it seems,
The more like a mirage the land of promise flees.

Of course we all but knew, we’ve finally realized
We’ve waited, yes, we’ve waited,
Waited for forever.


(c) Danny Bagucci

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