Solo: A Poem by Mudrakat Alabi-Macfoy



the sun’s glorious beams refuse to dissipate
the nimbus of isolation that shadows
this darkness that preceded my birth and heads
towards diagnosing my death,
and throughout in between it haunts me, how it taunts me
with a motiveless vendetta is unleashes that vicious propensity
that clothes itself in the spiteful look of a “friend”,
the illusion of a helping hand or worse still,
my safety net woven from the substance of the imagination,

it haunts me….

mercilessly meandering past the Atlantic and escorting
me to my present destination of rusted roofs,
its music is a lullaby, a bewitching one that glorifies misery,
sensual like slithering sulphuric fumes,
it is the soundtrack to my life.
the faster i run, the harder it laughs.
its heavy on my head, shoulders and back,
those are its home, it cannot be gone,
it entertains pain, they are good friends,

it taunts me….

as each unit of time passes by into the beginning of
another’s life,
i take on the grief of that other’s life,
this is abnormal progression that is natural to me,
i have learnt to stop fighting it, it cannot be gone.
i have mastered the steps to its music,
the dance is not such that is done in the village square
with a lot of people,
no, its just me.



Poem (c) Mudrakat Alabi-Macfoy

About the author

Mudrakat Alabi-Macfoy

A law graduate, Alabi-Macfoy loves writing because "it creates a portal of multiple understanding and diverse interpretation of words on different levels." She believes the "exercise of thought and pen brings life, love, pain and liberty to your finger tips."


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