Roasted Dreams: Poems by Oluwafemi Babasola

Image: Pixabay.com remixed

roasted dreams

the remains
of our burnt homeland

float in the skies
like flies at the libation
of our dracula gods

octopus smokes
striving for snatched
life sing a dirge
for a sacked homeland

in this homeland
it only rains blood
ashes are butterflies

crimsoned sands
saucepan of dracula gods
on her skin simmers
a feast of limbs and skulls

her skin is
a dessert of
our boiled hopes and
roasted dreams


nip of dawn: peeled

i rot
like a sun
deprived onion

i’m a feast
to these hands

that never stop
peeling me
layer after layer

Poems © Oluwafemi Babasola
Image: Pixabay.com remixed

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Oluwafemi Babasola

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