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Kofi Antwi: before the gods emerged

“before you succumb to doom
momma look around / we seek your embrace…”

a letter from Nola (2018)

first, one cracks then penetrates a ruby shell
an outcaste artist parleys, breaks as well

freedom’s causalities sling lyrical dope–
the levy mourns hope,

but continues to flood streets,
its neighbor continues to burn, baybe

an outer crust remains tarnished
jaded as distant memory

an array of pastel buildings
recount catastrophic events

thumbing her pain
time recoils history

a symphony of horns escape
forgotten lips, here they come

marching in, an allusive spunk once sung
who dat natives of common land

cemeteries float – past poverty line
tourist lounge within French quarters’

salivating over Café Du Monde beignets
while the bayou reeks of summer 1964

before the gods emerged

feet engraved in sand –
below the tower watch, we pray

before you succumb to doom
momma look around

we seek your embrace
perch past the shadows of death

massaging the heart of
men, follow its trail

the sky is falling,
yet again

stars tattoo our arms reminiscent
of your final request

Poem © Kofi Antwi
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Kofi Antwi
Kofi Antwi
Kofi Antwi is a writer of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. A graduate from St. Joseph’s College MFA Creative Writing program, Kofi teaches English at St. Joseph’s College. The prolific writer was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island by parents of Ghanaian descent. His poetry has been published by, Agbowo, Writers Guild, Aaduna, and Luna.

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