Kehinde Winful: Distractions

Image: Fernando Latorre from Pixabay (remixed)


On the other side of the world

closer to Nigeria than here

Peru Para blasts on the speaker one last time

the lights are lowered and the feet of casual lovers make their way home

a nest of liars turned night crawlers

pretending not to be angry that the economy of uncertainty

continues to benefit from their broken hearts

but they say nothing

like puppets without a ventriloquist

losing control

Poem © Kehinde Winful
Image: Fernando Latorre from Pixabay (remixed)

About the author

Kehinde Winful

Kehinde Winful is a first generation Nigerian-American and a third-year student at the University of Colorado Law School. She has had her poetry published in Bandit Fiction and recently published a piece called Character, Caricature, and the Role of Creativity in Law in the Docket, the official magazine of the Denver Bar Association.

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