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Fear: Poems by Goodnews Mememugh Karibo

Image: Unsplash.com


a brushstroke of blue water
the signature of oncoming rain
a powdered face resembling the
body of a morning sky
children who run out to play
are meat in the sun
our stories are big envelopes
filled with mail from last night’s
a brushstroke of blue water
drapes my hair
my hair is a cloud running Southward
a variety of things happened
in the south this morning
one of such things is the dismissal
of our rights as fronds of one palm
it drapes my hair
it throws my memory of freedom
into water
the jinx of not being born twice
breaks on me



it is an orange
pain is forcing itself
through the mouth
of the sky.

life is too beautiful to girls,
they spend milk carelessly,
they wash love off our minds
with bad water
basins cracked with tough

a small war
started on the other side
of this coin,
a true friend buys the day
before it breaks,
boys will be mere shadows
to girls
till they learn
to hold the whole body of an atlas
to themselves

it is a world
of lies,
men to women,
women to the children
of their tommy,
it will lead us into a ghost town
on that day
that very hour
light will swallow our household
in one gulp


Poems (c) Goodnews Mememugh Karibo
Image: Unsplash.com

Goodnews Mememugh Karibo
Goodnews Mememugh Karibo
Goodnews Mememugh Karibo studies Mechanical engineering at Rivers State University, Nigeria. His poems, over time, have been published in online magazines all over the globe. He writes from Port Harcourt.


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