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A Lifetime Of Happiness: by Seotsa ‘Soh’ Manyeli

It is a bead of water that drops heavily on the surface of an ocean. It is not from a high distance but the splash is so loud. But though it is loud, it cannot be seen. It can only be felt and the colour of it is blue but also it can only be felt not seen. There is a small smile on my face because I realize what this means; and it is very true of the universe.

I was shown a universe in a shade of black and white. It was a mist of pure energy with no stand and no identity. But it knew itself and I did not understand how it could know itself if it had no identity, for it has to identity with something to know itself. Perhaps the old adage holds true that one has to know something before he can experience it. The universe thought itself into existence in order to exist as we know it. But then we know that it is essentially the element of thought to the house that is forever shifting from one element of attention to another. It is moving still and the shape of the mist and colour is made real by the universe itself. What is the universe then? The universe is an idea that there is something called space and time in the field of existence that is. From my eyes it is black and white and from its eyes it is multicoloured. I am awed by this reverence of truth as seen or felt by this giant sunshine that hits hard on an ocean to cause ripples that move forever into eternity. They are large, they are small and they continue to move along the surface of this pool of beads in the form shape of an ocean that is the universe. It is a lifetime of thought that attracts happiness to it.

What is colour? Why is it important for me to want more of colour from this wave of mist that is floating in and out of itself? It is reality still that is forever changing even though it is in one shape and essence. I am awed still.

Seotsa 'Soh' Manyeli
Seotsa 'Soh' Manyeli
My name is Seotsa "Soh" Manyeli and I hail from Lesotho; born and bred here. I am 35 years of age and I am currently working as an IT Consultants and I am a writer - poetry, essays and drama. I started writing in 2000, managed to publish my first book of poetry called "One Soul" with Book Surge in the United States of America. I am currently working towards publishing my books of essays.

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