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Fear of Konga: Poems by Efeduma Eseoghene

Image: justine-reyes via Flickr
Image: justine-reyes via Flickr


This dream was unfeigned
How then can we scrutinize such capricious mind and might?
While discombobulating under the weight of an overwhelming premonition

We are all flawed in our ways
See how retribution permeates our existence
Even when shattered and battered like kernel seeds
Reprisal still has its scrawny minute in the skirmish of souls
And like minds in search of truth and the mysterious

Such innocent yet gloomy heart it seems
That essence of foreboding yet to come
They humor the sceptics and usurpers of the throne
A desire for debauches and the depraved cronies
The dream is ominous

Some do muster as symbiotic adversaries
In a cluster of nothing but ownership of his stead
Still something to dread is evident and paramount
Konga was born under the sun
Mortal and yet immortal in their heart

Death is a daunting contraption when consternation sets in
But they do not fear his progenies and allies
What if the masquerade dies?
That unending contemplation persists, prescient

Let him walk to his charnel house
In time yet unknown as sacred immolation
The dance of ancient origin will eventuate his transformation
The scions of the great Konga will metamorphose as heirs
The myriad offspring will emerge from their inertia
Anxiety will align in mellowed transmutation

The reapers will lay claim
The Old stool will raise their voices
An ancient clan will covet legitimate claim
The picaroon tribe will enunciate their fiery demands
The possibilities improbably dense yet

The flight of the Eagle will be seen
The myth held sacred will rule the realm
Beyond the stillness of time and space
Numina of our land will accept his ascendance
This dream of such aftermath is portentous



The obfuscation of insanity
Fills the bowels of the hasty
Such tempest of perplexity
A contemplation of peace unheeded
An inclination of their own perception

That mayhem they seek
Will squeeze out the meek
The melancholy so thick
A ubiquitous feeling persists
A secret of the dark is revealed

The darkened night permeates
As their murky soul irritates
The abode of the initiates
An insinuation of such realization
A delusion of alienation is revealed
Poems: © Efeduma Eseoghene
Image: justine-reyes via Flickr

Efeduma Eseoghene
Efeduma Eseoghene
I am the Purchasing & Supply Chain Manager-West Africa for Pacific International Drilling West Africa Limited. I reside in Lagos and I am 43 Years Old. I am Graduate of English Language and have a Masters in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management from The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. I am Married with three Beautiful Kids.

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