Author - Marial Awendit

Marial Awendit a.k.a. James Marial Matueny Majak, is a South Sudanese poet, essayist and songwriter. He is published in various literary magazines and anthologies: Brittle Paper, Kalahari Review, African Writer Magazine, CreatePreneurAfrica, Eboquills, Ramchiel Magazine, Praxis Magazine, Garden of Poems, Songs of the Nile and the Best New African Poets Anthology. Marial won the 2016 South Sudan Youth Talent Award for the category of Best Poet and the 2018 Babishai-Niwe Poetry Award. He was ranked 3rd among 100 Yirol Influential Youths by Yirol Influential Youth Series 2021/2022.


Marial Awendit: Flowers

Flowers ° If You hide other presences, Show me what I flower. I have grown certain things I can’t touch, That from the splash of sunlight leave mystery...