Oma: The Lover I Became

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash (modified)


The woman I am wouldn’t see tears in those eyes-
-and not grab the hem of my skirt.
I would wipe the emotions facilitating-
-watery eyes if I have to.

“I love you” sips only the surface of my sentiments-
-when my moans lock yours in matrimony.
I just wish to have you and rip you apart-
-praising the privilege of tasting your soul as mine.

The woman I have become understands-
-the reason for such watery eyes.
Pupils burst into flames by a living breathing ignition,
Do I wipe our love as well?

Do your fingers caress the imagery of us both-
-bare skinned in the middle of fire?

For the sake of those interestingly fiery eyes-

I’ll wear a skirt-
-and nothing else.

Poem © Oma
Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash (modified)

About the author


Oma is a creative currently living in Kaduna, Nigeria. She wishes to explore the world through poetry and short reads. Her work is forthcoming in journals. She enjoys acting and fashion.

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  • This is beautiful, read it twice to be able to understand where she was coming from.
    Hope to see more stuffs from her.