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I Walk Away: Poems by Sarah O’Gorman

I Walk Away

I walk away from you
I re-approach my sanity
that entices me like sunshine
Golden rays of ultra-violet

Its good the climate here
in a life without you near
in a land less the fear

even the normally silent
cloud mountain raises
a sensuous, slowly
silent cheer


Truth & Falsehood

sunshine on the moon
an evening echo in the afternoon

he doesn’t love her anymore
but she’s opened a new door

smiling a song without a sound
its good to keep some laughter around

beauty is not the issue
tho beauty shred the heart-tissue

truth sits quietly in the back seat
while up-front falsehood flashes its teeth
cruising for something good to eat



matters of time passed them by
life was in their breakfast bowl
small wonders crossed their plainest paths
and always in the distance
a hymn was sung

endless blue skies held no rain
love’s ebb and flow held no pain
water was wine and both were the same
when they were happy, then,
when they were young


At Least

I walked where the road was
I ran away where the danger was
I cried where the pain was
I lied where the fear was
and I died where the gun was

I sang where the music was
I gave where the need was
I tried where the effort was
I fell where the failure was
and I helped where the hope was
until I sleapt where the dreaming was


Trip Back

Taking a trip back,
all the way back, at the beginning
once upon a place and moment
how it was then
how you were then
worryless like a paperboat
sailing simply no-where
on an idle river
easy as a bouncing ball
natural as a waterfall

did you feel free when you were free?
did you call it innocence when
you had it?
did you spell it right when you
re-applied – in writing – for it?

listening back thru’ the ages
wading in the pool of memories
digging down in the soil of experience
it answers you
it answers you
and takes you back


Over There

Over there it seemed sweeter
purer water, cleaner air
Over there they seemed richer
wider smiles, far more fun
Over there it seemed quieter
plenty ‘a peace, not a care
Over there it seemed better
bigger box, smaller loop
Over there it seemed clearer
less confusion, more direction,
Over there it seemed more solid
a sea of safety, wake-less nights
Over there it seemed warmer
no flake of frost, no drop of doubt
Over there it seemed further
closer to Essence, more divine
Over there it seemed to say
its all one step away
over there it seemed …
while over here I stood


To Do:

Plant a seed, Paint a picture
collect clothes from cleaners
Fill in missing days on calendar
take the maize-based nonsense
from the freezer
find a more reliable neighbour
give the library back its books
adopt a child charity case in
Southeast Asia
Fill your phone with more numbers
than stock exchange listing
in financial pages
pull out the plugs
dream a night in the dark,
take up a hobby,
lay down suicide utensils
remember everyone’s birthday
and respect the pricelessness
of every other struggling soul
smile back,
agree away the argument,
re-trod the same path again
calmly this time
re-set your watch to real time
try to be normal
dress a little formal
speak a little slower
speak a little less
say a little more,
save for a rainy day,
spend for a sunny one,
experience the essential,
delete the detail,
do a big favour,
taste a new flavour,
make the beds, clean the bath,
feed the cat, walk the dog
charm them, disarm them,
alarm them with the fierceness
of the fire simmering on the
left hand ring of the stove
in the soul,
stretch your legs,
swim with your eyes
across a happy sky
summer-ize your spirit
and pin it to your sleeve,
walk alone when there is no-one
skip hand-in-hand where there is some-one,
expel the bedroom mice,
learn to think twice,
vacuum daily,
be polite on Monday morning
up-right Saturday night,
respect that all is one,
accept that no one is all,
listen to him, even if
he’s saying so for the 170th time
help the needy, out-glare the seedy,
empty all the ashtrays,
build a quiet soft temple,
fix the flat tire,
do something with your hair,
sit on the four legs of the stool,
wash the dishes no more than
two weeks after dining,
sing to the sun louder than its
longest ray every morning,
keep your temper, lose your mayhem
bring them home, feed them up

…if you can, if you want


(c) Sarah O’Gorman

Sarah O'Gorman
Sarah O'Gorman
Sarah O'Gorman is a writer from Ireland and Nigeria. Much of her work is concerned with the dream-life underscoring daily-life, and the individual quest to imbue received realities with magical mythologies in order to transcend totalistic and statistical capitalist 'truths'. Sarah lives in Amsterdam with her dog, Goa, which she rescued from the island of the same name following a trip to India. She has just returned from five weeks in Senegal where she spent time learning to make bead jewellery from street children. Currently, the young, self-described "afro-celt" is working on a novel about the magic adventures of a single girl in a strange country.


  1. This is like soul searching..a life path. A transition from here to there . Walking away from the you which is your lower self…transcending to a better man and a place of perfect bliss. This poem is like a drug and I’m so into it.

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