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Faces: Three Poems by Michael Larry



On faces
There’re mirrors
From thoughts cloaked with smiles
To worries painted in frowns

There, his face is a map
To a room
Where a boy lays still
As cancer tickles his brain

There’s the lady too
Whose eyes tell of fears?
To love
To die
For loving the wrong gender

On faces
There’re mirrors
Of songs
Hidden in layers
Of folded blankets
Hidden behind thick masks


Have you
ever wondered why
my skin tastes
like burnt windows
and rusty locks?
have you
thought about
the little child
sitting in my eyes
whispering: home, home?
well, he is us
with our fears tucked in his pocket
and our wishes
staining his lips
he’s us;
wishing for home
with walls as safe
as our arms around us


wonder if
smiles tear the
dark shades of
face when my face
pollutes your memory and
sits idly atop your eyes.
I wonder.
Poems: Michael Larry
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Michael Larry
Michael Larry
As teenage years move to adulthood, Michael Larry finds himself caught up in literature. The lover of poetry writes from a hot space lost in Nigeria, waddling between bright morning sun and dark night shadows, his sources of inspiration.


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