Becoming: Poetry by Samuel Ogunkoya

Image: Pixabay.com remixed
Image: Pixabay.com remixed


And when you meet one
Who carries a familiar smell
The one you bore,
/Before your becoming
Before you knew you are a king
Before you knew what it is:
To love yourself,
To forgive yourself
To regenerate
To sing to yourself, and dance
And pray and laugh
And weep in awe of what you
Walk into his pain
Teach him to brew healing.
i. Water and salt from tears sanctify the body
ii. We all need love but we forget to love ourselves
iii. We are all royalty
iv. Royals aren’t slaves to time. Even the sun knows
v. Laughter is divine.
vi. God is entranced when we dance
vii. No human can heal another.
And when you are done
Step back to watch him transfigure
Watch him

Poem © Samuel Ogunkoya
Image: Pixabay.com remixed

About the author

Samuel Ogunkoya

Ogunkoya Samuel is a Nigerian physiotherapist. His poems have been published/are forthcoming on AfricanWriter, Kalahari Review, Best New African Poets 2017 anthology and Barking Sycamores. He writes from Ile-Ife.

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