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Pages of Truth: Poems by Ndifreke George


I have seen the rising,
ending in the setting.
I have seen doubt,
but I love the colour of faith.

I have seen the morning
gradually fall into night shades.
I have seen weaknesses,
but I love the taste of strength.

I have seen friendship
slowly crawl under the mask of enmity.
I have seen hatred,
but I’d rather stick to the feeling of love.

I have seen peace
wane into a field of bloody war.
I have seen pride,
but I love the garment of humility.

I have seen the good,
I have seen the bad;
I have seen this,
and I’ve also seen that.


Better was the inception when roses littered the aisle
We played watch dogs for each other in the alleyway
It was the journey of a leaf snailing on a gentle stream
through waterways narrowed by
cataracts, waterweeds, and stones which grew in water.
The preacher man said;
Love is like a cautious virgin;
that one her mother had told her to beware of men;
that even good guys like me are scavengers;
every wink is a devil’s smile,
and every lurking guy wants a corner to beat her to bleed
and shed blood from her sacred shrine.

But after the bath in River Jordan
It was repentance,
before deliverance,
and then salvation
Nothing else would have abrogated
except the slap from the cassock and abnet.
Monday on the roll
But weekend brought sour meals
I can tell a house from a home
Happiness now wave in glint
A million steps on dusty steps
Tears will rain to wash the face
A million drinks from a broken mug
can never quench a thirst;
all because dead mum has resurrected.

Poems © Ndifreke George
Image: remixed

Ndifreke George
Ndifreke George
Ndifreke George is a Nigerian Geophysics graduate and freelance writer. He has been featured on The Kalahari Review, Poems and Poetry, Social justice poetry, More than Starbucks International, Aphelion Webzine, Literary Yard, The Antartica journal, Praxis Magazine of Arts and Literature, Tuck Magazine, The Poets’ Community, Parousia Christian Magazine, Blankpaperz, Medium, All Poetry, Writers Space Africa, and Bravearts Africa. Based in Lagos, he believes in the perfect blend of work and play.


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