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Kehinde Adedeji: I Dream of Peace

I dream of peace

Carry me
Oh winds of songs
Let me fly into a forest of thousand seasons
+++ where
Pigeons sizzle and doves drink
from the gourd of plenty rains
Where all naked men
devour the iron eyes of thunders

I want to visit that continent
where women’s smiles do not end
from the crack of morning’s insects
to tattered moons of night.
when widows bathe
with many unbroken songs,
their waists twirling, twirling, twirling
and no steel padlock
is clamped on their lips

There are some tribes, where
griefs do not wear the faces of children
There are some distant lands
where girls look into mirror and see no scars
of memory’s wallop.
on their cheeks
where sorrows flatten
+++ with the growth of years
++++++where hot memories become ashes

Let the world weave a new dance,
dream a new dream,
wear a new song,
Let the world dream of peace,
I want to be of this world.



To all children who smile with rotten lips


to the memories of wine and strawberries

To all mothers whose bodies are rivers of stretching anguish

I pay my homage to you

May you harvest gold from the generous teeth of earth

May your sleeping dreams become ripe with the sun

To the girls whose silences are betrayed

hands tethered

mouth smothered

legs flung



justice proscribed

May you find moonlight in this terrace of darkness.

Poetry (c) Kehinde Adedeji
Image by jplenio from Pixabay

Kehinde Adedeji
Kehinde Adedeji
Kehinde Adedeji is a young poet and writer. He writes about pains and pearls,laughter and hope, tears and silence, women, Africa, etc.

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