Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Enit'ayanfe Ayosojumi Akinsanya

Enit'ayanfe Ayosojumi Akinsanya is a young Nigerian writer and artist. First-place Winner of the 2022 intercontinental “The Green We Left Behind” French Embassy Climate Change Project Prize for Creative Nonfiction and a finalist for the 2018 Nigeria GTB Dusty Manuscript Prize for Full-length Fiction, he is a 2016 OAU House of Levites “The Ready Writers” Fellow. An alumnus of Farafina and OkadaBooks Writers’ Bootcamp, he has been published in Brittle Paper, The Kalahari Review (forthcoming), The Shallow Tales Review, Eunoia Review (forthcoming), Arts Lounge Magazine, Livina Press, Nollyrated, PROFWIC, Aayo Literary Magazine, The Yellow House Library, Fiery Scribe Review and several more. He is also the author of an eBook titled “How to Catch a Story That Does Not Exist”. You can find him on @Ayomi_Osumare on Twitter or Instagram: ayosojumiadeniyi